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The ITL Network is a registered not-for-profit under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act. We seek to promote and foster diversity and inclusion in the Canadian legal market, our mission is to assist Internationally Trained Lawyers (ITLs) and Internationally Trained Law Graduates (ITLGs) throughout the licensing process by promoting a strong network for diversity and growth.

We provide ITLs & ITLGs with opportunities to network, develop and socialize, and also advocate for them with all relevant law societies and stakeholders. Our vision is geared towards changing the narrative and perception of ITLs and ITLGs within the Canadian legal landscape.


We are the one stop resource for internationally trained legal professionals, and we also seek to foster meaningful mentorship for these ITLs undergoing the licensing process in Canada. We believe that all law firms and legal organizations are constantly changing their policies to align with new workplace realities, we seek to respond to some of these challenges by advocating for the importance of diversity and inclusion in this new reality, increasing the need to maintain a diverse workforce, the value add that ITLs and visible minorities bring to an organization and the demand from forward looking clients for a more globally inclusive representation.

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